Kids Crime in a Box – Lyndon Zoo


Investigate who let the animals free from Lyndon Zoo. This crime in a box is great for tweenagers, see full details below.

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Enter into the world of criminal investigation with this cold case investigation especially suitable for the young person in your life.. get them off those devices! Let grumpy DS Briggs guide you through the forensic evidence found at the scene when animals at Lyndon Zoo are released to rampage….in suspicious circumstances. It will be your job to evaluate the suspect profiles, eyewitness testimonies, exhibits, media accounts and much more to work out who had the motive and opportunity to commit the crime. You will need to produce timelines from the various sources of evidence and analyse the forensics to bring the suspect to justice! You will earn sluething points as you work through the investigation to see if you can reach the standard DS Briggs demands!!

Packaged authentically in a police archive box (which is large letter size), the kit includes multiple sources of realistic evidence to work through either alone or as part of a group.

This investigation is suitable for competent readers and those able to collate facts from different sources. Younger children with these skills and attention span could certainly take part with some adult supervision. Perfect for a day off from technology!