Kids Activity Pack – 1

We are thrilled you have purchased our Kids Activity Pack and what fun we have planned for you! Below you will be able to download everything in the activity pack.

Now what are you waiting for, let’s start putting those detective skills to good use!

Fingerprint Factsheet

Fingerprints are a vital piece of evidence at any crime scene. Download your finger print fact sheet to learn everything you need to know about them. Make sure you pay close attention you never know when or where this information will come in handy for a budding Detective like you.

Solve a Murder Mystery

Right young detectives, now is the time to put your skills to the test. Are you ready to solve a murder mystery! Download our Murder Mystery pack and solve all of the clues to rule out the suspects and find out who is really behind the crime! Good luck Detectives! The answers are provided as you go – so no reading ahead! (you’re only cheating yourself….)

Activity Sheet

Now you have solved your Murder Mystery you are ready to tackle anything. Download the activity sheet for more puzzles to solve!

ID Badge

You can’t be part of The Detective Club without your very own badge! Download our template to create your own badge now.

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