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The Detective Project was founded in 2010 by Jenny Williams to run hands on detective themed workshops for adults and children. The team has grown and includes experts in forensics, ex police detectives and teachers.

The original website boasted we would have an online Detective Club, well it’s taken a while 🙂 but one of the very few upsides of the COVID 19 shutdown is we had time to create this.

You may have already been to one of our events, maybe you are outside the UK (welcome!) or we don’t yet have a presenter in your area (we’re working on it) – if so – The Detective Club is for you to put yourself into a detective’s shoes and investigate crimes, discover what really happens at a crime scene and learn a few new skills along the way.

If you would like to enquire about a hands on workshop then follow this link to our main website for further info.

Try the taster page of the activities we provide – these are free and there is no login required.


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